Lexodus, an alternative hip hop experience, was born in Berlin. A quintet of multi-instrumentalists, locked, loaded, and ready to deliver rich, eclectic sounds.

Lexodus’ aim: take the listener through a spectrum of emotions using the art of storytelling. Life is full of contradictions, nothing is just black and white, Lexodus wants to make people question their interactions with reality by immersing them inside of a universe, providing a sense of freedom and escape.

The band occupies the space between hip-hop, jazz, psych rock and pop. After experimenting with sounds on & off stage, opening shows for Columbine, Boys Noize & Too Many Zooz, collaborating with diverse artists and working in the studio with renowned producer Pete Smith (Sting, Stevie Wonder) Lexodus are ready to release a trilogy of EP's; FARMIN', FARMiiN' & FARM3N' followed by the surreal visual concept EP - Bruises.

Hang Linton - Vocals
Johnny Longlegs - Guitar
Stinky Fingaz - Guitar
Yoshi - Synths
NuTone - Drums

Farmin' is out now and available to download & stream on all major platforms. link below